Drawing from the Gottman Method, as well as psychodynamic and family systems approaches, I help couples reconnect with the best parts of their relationships while working through the most difficult ones. Every romantic relationship is different and complex. However, my experience has taught me that most couples who are experiencing conflict can strongly benefit from:

  • Rebuilding trust and intimacy

  • Practicing effective communication skills

  • Learning to have disagreements in a more productive and healthy manner

  • Exploring the root causes of resentment, frustration, anger, and other powerful emotions

  • Discovering how unresolved issues from an individual’s past show up in their relationships with others

  • Understanding each other’s love languages (how you show and receive love)

In addition to addressing these common themes, I will focus on the unique challenges that you and your partner face so that we can work toward clarity, healing, and growth.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling can help couples prepare for a long-term commitment by identifying and resolving issues that may cause conflict later on. I will help you and your partner navigate tricky topics such as:

  • Finances

  • Children (To have them, not to have them? When? How?)

  • Parenting styles

  • Career goals and lifestyle expectations

  • Communication styles

  • Religion/Core values

  • Family dynamics

  • Affection, intimacy, and sex

  • Dealbreakers

Some conflicts may be inevitable, but working through them in the early stages of your relationship can save you heartache down the road, deepen the love and understanding you have for each other, and strengthen the foundation of the life you’re about to build.


  • Marital and premarital

  • Infidelity

  • Parenting

  • Family conflicts

  • Sex

  • Emotional abuse

  • Communication issues


$135 per 55 minute session